Working on…

Disclaimer: I’m about to show you what I’m currently designing and stitching – this in no way implies when I will finish it, release it, or any other time related news. I’m really just enjoying the process and the stitching, which so far, I am doing myself. It will be MONTHS before it’s done!
This first picture shows all the floss I pulled yesterday to start the borders. I won’t use all these colors (there are more than 60) but I always pull way more thread than I will use for a design to be able to make choices and to get the colors just right!
And here is my work so far – it’s like Oh My Stars except instead of stars, I’m doing hearts in bright fun colors. You can find “Oh My Stars” in your local needlework shops but don’t look for the Hearts anytime soon – I have a long way to go even if I am a little obsessed now. I’m also pondering a title – Oh My Hearts doesn’t sound right to me…any suggestions??

These are the colors of the individual hearts – they are all overdyed. I’ve used some Threadworx, some Weeks Dye Works, & a Sampler thread – I wanted just the right shades!

Here’s the first heart – 25 little squares done with all the compensation…

and here’s part of a heart – see the missing chunk at the top – don’t you hate running out with just a few stitches left?!

That’s all for now…I’m looking forward to a stitching weekend!


  1. Susan on April 10, 2011 at 11:35 pm

    Kathy, This looks like tons of fun to stitch! How about "My Heart's Delight" for the title?

  2. Marcy on April 11, 2011 at 9:01 pm

    Or ….. My Heart's Desire