Occasionally, an error or typo happens. In these cases, we make the necessary corrections for future prints, and we note the corrections here. If you have a chart that says “revised” at the bottom with the copyright date, you will not need the correction listed below as your chart has already been corrected.

Holiday Delights: Halloween

On the first printing, the number of threads in the border was incorrect. It should be 10 threads.
Area O - Corrected Charts


Holiday Delights: 4th of July

Area F - Corrected Charts


Land of the Free

Area A - PS21 should be Vineyard Silk C-109. I did actually use PS21 (same as the Petite Sparkle Rays thread from Americana) but since I never used it anywhere else, I didn’t want to add it to the supply list just for this. I meant to change the instructions to the white silk, which will work just as well.


A few squares have been recharged. The colors were reversed or the charts rotated.


Amazing Color

The color key for square K6 is incorrect. The white lines should be C-086 and the black lines should be C-153.

Funky Hearts

The symbols for R1 are in the reverse order - the black line should be 3845 and the white 3806.

Summer Logs


The border chart was not in the first printing—if the pattern you have includes it, this is the same!

The border is stitched in diagonal scotch. The chart at right is the top quarter of the border. Use WC163 Plum for all rows. The rows are charted in two colors to easily see them. Start in the top left corner to get the rhythm of the stitch. Rotate this chart to stitch the other three sides. An enlargement of the corner is shown here.


Winter Logs

The color key for B13 is incorrect. The outside of all the boxes should be WC147 and the inside WC256 (the colors are not alternated as the pattern shows).

Autumn Logs

In the first printing, the chart for Log 25 is only 7 threads wide and should be 8. The page with this chart (page 12) has been revised for future printing and is noted as such at the bottom of the page.