Stitching & More Ornaments

I’ve been working on Sugilite and am almost done!! That means I can start on something new which is one of my favorite things to do. Here’s a little bit of it – I changed the orientation and what I showed last time as the left side is now the top. There’s one more square on the left side of this photo but it’s not done yet. I like the way this is turning out even though it’s not what I originally envisioned – it’s fun when that happens!

 I thought I’d share a few more ornaments with you – most of these are from exchanges and I love them. Long ago (about 10 years) we had a stitching group called Friends Who Count and we had an ornament exchange every year. The first few are from that time period. I’m especially happy to have this first one as the person who stitched it passed away a couple of years ago – she designed it herself using various parts of Shepherd’s Bush patterns. The picture doesn’t show how great it is –

The photo above shows the back of the previous ornament – the person who stitched it NEVER did cross stitch (she was/is a master of canvaswork) and wondered what she was thinking when she picked this out to do. I asked her to sign it and I love having it signed and dated. I think it’s a great idea – if you make ornaments as gifts, be sure to put the date on it! Sue: If you’re reading this, 1997?? Where has the time gone?
I made this ornament for the shop – it’s on opalescent linen and the sparkle it adds is perfect for ornaments (it doesn’t show in the photograph.   
My mom stitched this Joan Thomasson angel – I’m not sure how it ended up in my ornament box but I’m happy to have it!
This ornament was one of the first things I “designed” as part of an Ornament of the Month club when I first opened the shop on my own. I drew a circle on a piece of canvas, picked a Watercolour and a metallic thread, picked a stitch, and made the ornament. When I started with these, I never dreamed I’d be designing full time some day!
Last but not least, here is another non-stitched ornament. It’s a Santa made from an old quilt. Mom got it for me a few years agoo and it’s really cute.
Back to work…peace!

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