Starting Autumn Logs

I had a great time last weekend in North Carolina, Georgia, and Alabama! I got to spend time with fanily, enjoy great weather, go to a fantastic quilt show, and win some stuff! First, my brother and I were both with my dad for Father’s Day and it had probably been 10 years since that happened. Dad cooked ribs and I helped (I watched…he loves that) and we had my 5 year old niece with us as well.

Next, Mom and I had a very pleasant day at the East Cobb Quilt Show in Marietta GA. The quilts were fabulous & inspirational. We bought tickets for raffle baskets and I was surprised to actually win one! It was full of lots of great stuff. The books and patterns are from Edyta Sitar, one of my favorite quilt designers. I believe there’s actually enough fabric to make a whole quilt and it all works together. I might have to add some from my stash though as I like to use more variety than less!

Then on my way home, I stopped at the casino for a break and won $503 in about 30 minutes – hit two jackpots, got some dinner, and hit the road again a little richer! No photo of my $100 bills – they’re already in the bank!
So all in all, it was a really fun weekend…
And now, probably more interesting to you…I have started the Autumn Logs design I’ve had in mind for months now. I thought I’d share a little of my process with you. First I went to my Watercolours drawers and pulled every skein I thought might go into the design.  Here’s that “pile” –
Here’s the pile laid out in somewhat of a light to dark and color groups – don’t worry, they don’t all make it into the design! I’ve ended up with 17 different colors.

 Then I drew my canvas – it’s a log cabin variation called Courthouse Steps in the quilting world.
And finally…the good part – the stitching begins. Here’s a peek. I started in the center and am working my way around pretty much making it up as I go (the stitches, not the colors!). I spent a lot of time laying out the threads to get the progression of color I wanted. It continues to get darker as I move to the outer rounds.  I’ve left a few open spots in the light logs around the center and will put something in there once I get a few more rounds done – as it emerges onto the canvas, I see different options.
I’m looking forward to the weekend – my first at home in a month. A friend and I are taking her grandchildren aged 6 and 9 blueberry picking in the morning. We’re sure to have lots of fun and laughter along with sweat and heat!
Back to stitching…it’s my favorite part of my job and doesn’t feel much like work! I’m so blessed!



  1. Anna on June 21, 2013 at 7:36 pm

    I love Autumn Logs!!! The quilt design is one of my favorites and the colors you chose are wonderful. LOVE it, LOVE it, LOVE it. Thanks!

  2. santadeb on June 21, 2013 at 9:39 pm

    I am working on Summer Logs and absolutely love it , have Winter and Spring in my stash already…love most of your designs but only so much time!