New for Nashville..

I’m done stitching and almost done writing instructions for my Nashville releases – this is the earliest I’ve ever been ready for a tradeshow and it feels wonderful! One of my new releases will be Sudoku Delight – this was a class I taught a few years ago and I’ve had a lot of requests for this pattern. In addition to my original colorway, eight other colorways are listed. This is my Original and the main thread is called Peacock. Most of the colorway names are based on the Rainbow Gallery Bravo overdyed thread which was the inspiration for each colorway.

 This is “Caramels”

This is Caravan #1 (it’d be a great companion to Starstuck’s Glowing Embers!)


I’ve seen photos of the other colorways stitched but can’t find them right now so will show you the threads for the others.

Caravan #2
Blues & Golds


Found the photos! I wrote this post yesterday and have since found photos of some of the colorways stitched up – left the thread photos to show both…
Blue & Gold

Stay tuned for the rest of the new releases…


  1. santadeb on February 1, 2016 at 8:41 pm

    So excited you are releasing this…love the Carmel version. I just finished stitching Water in Elements club and have Winter Logs in the works , have too many of your designs in process or to begin…now another to add to the list! You are too talented, look forward to see what else will be at Nashville.

  2. woolwoman on February 1, 2016 at 8:48 pm

    You're killing me Kathy! Lovely just lovely and I'm so glad you are ahead of the market crunch