Framing…and a Preview

A very productive trip to the framer this morning…I’m getting ready for the Nashville market in a few weeks so I picked out mats and frames for two new pieces. I picked up a few mats I had cut with multiple openings to display all my Color Delights and Double Delights in a more efficient manner – when I get the 40 something pieces mounted, I’ll show you a picture! I also picked up my friends Tuscan Midnight which she stitched in the Cool Blues colorway listed in the pattern. This picture does not do it justice – the framing turned out fabulous. The mat is a pale blue and the frame is silver shot through with blue – the whole thing just shimmers. This piece is going to live with my until its owner comes down from Michigan in May so I’ll get to take it to the tradeshow and let people ooh & aah over it. It’ll also be in the trunk show at Nashville Needleworks the last week of Feb – drop by if you’re in the neighborhood!
Here’s a sneak peek of a larger piece I’ll be releasing at the show – I’ve been stitching on it ad nauseum (not a phrase I think I’ve ever used before!) the last 12 days. I should be able to finish it up tomorrow and then do the photography and start the printing production process…this will be called BlackJack as the “stars” came out looking like jacks! The jacks are stitched with black Vineyard silk and the rest is all DMC floss. I’ll be providing a conversion to Vineyard silk for those who want to do the whole thing in silk (it would be yummy but I didn’t have enough colors in my stash to make it in time!). This has been great fun to stitch (until the last day or so!). I designed it as I went and at some point, thought I’d run out of ideas for the 10×10 thread squares but now that the designing is done, I have way more ideas! I’m sure there’ll be something similar in my future endeavors – I’m just a happy scrappy kind of girl!


  1. palma on February 6, 2013 at 2:18 pm

    you got me~!!!!

    I do not resist those colors

    Another one for auto-ship 🙂

  2. Elena on February 26, 2013 at 10:01 am

    This is absolutely amazing! I love it!