Countdown to Nashville…

I’m exhibiting at the TNNA trade show in Nashville this weekend and have been working like crazy to get everything done. I’m releasing 4 new designs! The new patterns are at the printer (I’m picking them up tomorrow!) and then I have to put them in their plastic bags. I’m fortunate to have a great friend who has the day off tomorrow and is coming over to help – it’ll be much more fun than doing it by myself!

I’ll be introducing a new series of designs called “Double Delights” – here’s the first one and it’s called “Turple”.

Double Delights is a series that will focus on  combinations of two colors – this combo is Turquoise and Purple. You can find more info and signup details at Double Delights on my website.
 Check back often this week as I’ll post pictures of the rest of my new releases!

And just because…here’s the latest photo of my boy cat Boots!

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  1. avidstticher on February 21, 2012 at 2:15 pm

    OOOOOOOOOOO My favorite colors!!!! I can't wait to see whatelse you have come up with!!! Do we get a fu;; preview of the big one!!!!

    Mary E