Color Delights

Don’t you hate it when you type a whole blog post and then get an error when you hit “Post”?! It just happened to me so I’ll try to remember all I wrote and try again…it’ll probably be shorter this time!

I’m releasing a new Color Delights – Chartreuse early next week – it’s at the printer right now. This is one of my favorite colors – I loved it long before it was so popular. I have a green cell phone – what other color would I have?! When I go clothes shopping I always have to remind myself I already have a dozen t-shirts in some shade of lime green! At some point, you just don’t need more. Or maybe I do?! Anyway, here’s the stitched piece:
I also stitched it in Christmas colors – it looks completely different when a different colorway is used. I’ve always loved changing colors – choosing colorways to create different moods is one of my favorite parts of designing. It always amazes me how powerful color is. Here’s the Christmas version (antique style colors) in progress. I did finish stitching it but didn’t take a picture of the whole thing.
Since I’m writing about Color Delights today, here’s a photo Sarah sent to me – she stitched four of the Color Delights patterns (Aqua, Violet, Cobalt, & I’m not sure if the bottom one is Pumpkin or Graphite done in different colors – she told me but I can’t remember). She had them framed together to create a striking piece – I love it!
On the current stitching front, I’m still working on My Funky Hearts or Have A Heart (two possible names?!). I still can’t decide. Last week I loved “Have A Heart” and then today I was showing the stitching to someone in my shop and said here’s my funky hearts and had a lightbulb moment where possibly the actual title of the piece came to me. Who knows? I still have time to decide or change my mind a few hundred times! I don’t know why naming my pieces is sometimes such a challenge. I like it when I know the title ahead of time, like with my “Lollipops”.
Speaking of Lollipops, I only have two more circles to fill in and a little more of the black background to do and it will be fi-ni! I’m hoping to do a Happy Dance this weekend and then maybe I’ll share a preview with you!
Keep stitching!

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  1. Danielle on June 21, 2011 at 3:45 pm

    I just started Rainforest Crunch in my own colors, my first pattern from you! I love these new ones. Can you tell me what the pattern is in your header on the blog?? I must have it!