All of my new releases for market are done and printed…whew! The last completed was BlackJack and I designed and stitched the whole piece in 12 days! Of course it was in my head for months before coming out on the canvas! There are 324 squares in the piece and 292 unique patterns (36 squares were completely filled with the Jacks and are all the same! I love bright colors so this was a really fun piece for me. It’s hard to believe it didn’t exist a month ago and now it’s here – I feel like it’s my new baby!

Here’s the whole thing…

You can see the rest of the new releases HERE and read my official NDO newsletter HERE.
I’ve joined the faculty of the Shining Needle Society and my first offering is Sherwood Garden – I’ve shown it to you before and now anyone can take the class. I’m looking forward to doing the online class and having contact with so many stitchers!
I’m taking a break from market prep (having the patterns done is a big deal but there’s still lots of stuff to do before I’m ready to go) and spending the day in my sewing room tomorrow working on a quilt. It’s so relaxing to hear the hum of the sewing machine.
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