Bad news….good news…

The bad news is I’ve been sick with  a bad cold/sinus thingy. The good news is I did a lot of stitching over the weekend because I didn’t have the energy to do anything else. My colorful piece is coming along nicely although I wish I knew what I’m going to call it! Here’s a little more for you to see…this piece will be released towards the end of February. The unstitched area between the larger and smaller squares is what I call an “inside border”. I’m not completely certain of what I’m doing here…still considering a few options.

I took a photo of my finished piece I’m calling Sugilite and cropped it to show you a peek before it will be released next month. This was a fun piece to do and is mostly all the purple Watercolours I could put in it!

Tonight I’ll leave you with one last word about drawing on canvas. Always have a white artist’s eraser on hand – it erases mishaps “cleanly” and doesn’t leave any marks on the canavas like a regular pencil eraser will. I’ve used several brands over the years and they all seem to work just fine. Don’t ask me what “Mars plastic” is…I don’t know and never really thought one thing about it until I took this photo!

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  1. Carol on January 10, 2012 at 5:40 am

    Love the 2 new designs. How about Carnival as a name it reminds me of the bright colours of the fiesta in Brazil