Another Starstruck and info on Oasis, my next class.

This is the last of the colorways completed – it’s called Glowing Embers and consists of Purples, Rusts, and Grays. Amy K. from Phoenix stitched it and brought it to the class I’ve taught the last few days in California at Needle in a Haystack. I was thrilled to see it in person! The pattern will be available soon and it can now be pre-ordered. I’ve posted the pre-order info
Amy is amazing – she also brought a large number of my pieces that she’d stitched – I took photos to share here…This is Amy with her Color Delights and Double Delights – she has stitched every single one of them and is thinking of putting them in a soft wallhanging someday!

And here are some of her other pieces – it was quite a great Show & Tell for everyone there!


I taught Serenity the last two days and took a photo of class during the break! These are the “diehards” who won’t stop stitching long for a break! They were a delightful group of ladies – I usually take a group photo at the end of class but it is unseasonally warm for northern California right now so everyone was feeling a little wilted by the end of the day.
I’m flying home tomorrow and can’t wait to start stitching with the new threads I picked out on Friday! As soon as I get caught up and put everything away in my kitchen, I will have needle in hand! 
I left home last week with a fairly gutted kitchen and should come home to a brand new everything! Countertops were to be installed Friday so the backsplash could be done and new appliances delivered. My brother is a contractor and came down to finish the job he started a few weeks ago when I was away in North Carolina for a week. When I came home from that trip, I had new tile floors and painted cabinets but have had no sink or stove for  cabinet doors for a couple of weeks. It will be wonderful to move the coffeepot out of the bathroom! I can’t wait to cook something – words that rarely come out of my mouth! Mostly, I’m eager to see how everything I chose comes together and have it done. I’ve not seen any photos so I can experience the “reveal” in person when I walk through the door! No plane delays tomorrow, please!
Registration for Oasis, my new class with Shining Needle Society, is open now. If you’re not familiar with Shining Needle Society, it’s free to join and you can get more info here. You can see the colorways and registration info here. I did 9 different options! There is a lot of sparkle in the piece that doesn’t show up well in the photos – it’s a fun quick piece with different stitches and you get

to decide whether it should be a square or a diamond shaped design! While I designed and stitched it as a diamond, I took the appearance of it as square into consideration when I was choosing what to stitch where. I’d not done this before so it was a fun exercise – it’s good to stretch and try something new. It’s always amazing how turning or rotating a design gives it a different look.

Until next time….


  1. Danielle on July 20, 2015 at 7:57 pm

    Wow! I am in awe of that person who stitched all of those designs! You are absolutely my favorite designer of counted canvas designs. As you know, I signed up for Oasis, and this past weekend I ordered the kits for Galaxy and Emerald. I am currently working on Tahiti and really love it. Can't wait to see your next project!!

  2. Beth in IL on July 20, 2015 at 10:01 pm

    It is great to see your designs all stitched up. Lovely!