Amethyst Garden

 I haven’t blogged in months! It feels like only weeks as time flies so quickly. I’ve been traveling and teaching and generally, keeping too busy. I’ve created a new design to teach through Shining Needle Society. This is Amethyst Garden and finishes about 7.5×7.5. I put it into a Sudberry box – what an easy way to finish a piece of needlepoint. As much as I love my framer, it was nice to skip the trip for this time. It’s also easy to take this piece out and pop in another, making it a great option to display a holiday design. I created some holiday colorways for just this purpose and will show them lower in this post.

Here’s the finished piece in the box!
In addition to the Garden design, a bonus design finishing at 4×4 is included with the class. I used components of the Garden to create this “Bluebonnet Star” which will fit in a 4×4 box. The center diamond shape of this is the perfect size for an ornament – I need to stitch one!
Here are the colorways – it was so much fun creating them, I had to force myself to stop at 10! I love putting threads and colors together…the Petite Sparkle Rays and the threads under the Rainbow Gallery are for the Star design. Since the canvas peeks through under the star, all of the colorways will be on a color of canvas – French blue, Sandstone, Aquamarine, Yellow, Rose Blush, and Brown. Any of them could be done on eggshell as well.

Registration closes July 28th (Friday) and you can see all the registration details here.

This is the Appalachia Bluebonnet colorway:
Bermuda Reef colorway:

Kelp colorway:

Tiffany Rose colorway:

Turquoise colorway:

Tequila Sunrise colorway:

Americana colorway:

Christmas colorway:
Halloween colorway:
I’m looking forward to attending the EGA National Seminar next month! I’m not teaching so am excited to hang out with friends for a couple of days, see the exhibits, and be at merchandise night.

Hope you’re all having a great summer!


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  1. Beth Kellish on August 20, 2017 at 4:46 pm

    My Mom would really like to work on Amethyst Gardens, can she purchase the pattern and work on virtually? Thank you Beth