A whole lot of stitching…

is going on. Actually it has been going on but I’ve been working on my Mystery design which I can’t show you because it’s a Mystery… I’ll be posting info and details about signing up soon (the kits and first pattern installment will go out in January).  I’m just about done with it and I’m at a place now where I can put it down for a bit and work on something new. I starting stitching last night on this fun purple design which I will call Sugilite (it’s a gemstone). Here’s a bit of a sneak peek…

I have my tree up and took some photos of some of the ornaments to share with you. Here’s the tree decorated with a lot of stitched ornaments. I’m fortunate to be able to say that many of the ornaments are from exchanges over the years and it always is wonderful to think of the people who have stitched them. I feel like I have little bits of lots of people on my tree. I went to my EGA Guild Christmas Luncheon yesterday and here is the latest addition to my tree. As I don’t do much hardanger, I was thrilled to get this beauty. I was most impressed that the back of the ornament was stitched too!
Here’s my tree…
and a few ornaments…the pictures didn’t really turn out well.
This is from the very first Tiny Tidings pattern Lizzie Kate published (I think she’s up to 15 years now). The metal horn next to it is an old ornament from our family’s tree.

This is a needlepoint ornament from Gay Ann Rogers – it is just the center of one of her mystery designs that I started and never finished. I made it into an ornament (well, my mom did!) and poof, it’s done and beautiful! You don’t always have to stitch the entire design and this is a great example.

An old Prairie Schooler santa from one of their leaflets – it combines santa & snowmen, favorites of mine for Christmas decorating.

A Princess & Me needlepoint ornament – this also combines two of my favorite things – stars and snowmen.

The temari ball on the left is the first one (but not the only!) I ever made – I did make a few more complicated ones but didn’t really catch the fever to make a lot of them. I’m happy to have them on my tree. The “Twirlament” on the right is an original design I did as part of a series of Ornaments of the Month a few years ago. Here’s another…there are 12 of them and maybe I should think about publishing them?
The left photo shows it on the tree and the photo on the right is much more accurate in coloring and clarity!

Ok, this isn’t stitched but I loved these little elves when I was a young child and I rescued this one several years ago when my mom was “downsizing” her Christmas decoations!
This is another ornament from my childhood – it’s felt & sequins that my grandmother made when I was a baby. My grandmother was a fine needlewoman and always used the best quality of materials which is probably why more than 40 years later, this little guy is still perfect! My brother and I have stockings that are felt and sequins my mother made when we were babies – we’ve had them all our lives and they are NOT tacky. My brother was horrified when my mom suggested, a number of years ago, that we replace them with needlepoint stockings so we still have them and probably always will. I’d show you but they live at my mothers, as do all the family’s stockings! 
I hope you’re enjoying the holiday season – if you’re feeling stressed, just breathe and pick up a needle!

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  1. Anonymous on December 18, 2011 at 5:53 pm

    You should definitely publish the Twirlaments! They are really cute & pretty and look small enough to knock out quickly. They would make lovely small gifts as well. Hurry! I need these!