Here’s a photo of what I did last night – two and a half hours of ripping out, reverse stitching, frogging, cursing, whatever you want to call it…the day before, I had finished a big design I’ll be releasing in a few weeks only to discover what I thought would be a perfect border wasn’t right at all. I made the mistake of not stepping away from it to take a look before I plowed through hours & hours of stitching to get it done.

On a positive note, I finally came up with a name for this piece and it will be called Brilliant Color (thanks Dad!). I had agonized over many many names and a brief conversation with my father produced the happy result. What a relief! Several of my friends are probably even happier than I am at having a name as now they don’t have to listen to my stressful conversations! Sometimes naming a design is the hardest part!
Back to stitching the black & white border on Brilliant Color…I can’t wait to show you all the new pieces (4 of them!) I will be releasing in Nashville. Stay tuned…