Mystery Spoiler Alert…

Don’t scroll down unless you want to see a photo of my current Mystery project in process. These are the first three month’s patterns. I’m just about done stitching the whole design so I have to cut and paste to edit the photo to not show it all. I have it all charted but have been writing the instructions a month at a time. I wrote the April instructions this weekend though so I am finally ahead of the game on something – this doesn’t happen often enough for me!

If you want to stitch along on the Mystery, you can still sign up -see all the colorways here.

And here’s another colorway from one of the people stitching along. It’s upside down but didn’t look right when I rotated it because of the angle it was taken from! I love seeing how designs look in different colors – even though I know it to be so true, it always amazes me how different it can look.