May flowers…

I’ve been spending some time digging out flower beds and doing a little planting. Although I love flowers and would like to have a beautifully landscaped yard and garden, I’m not a big fan of actually working with dirt and yard tools. After planting a bunch of flowers and a few vegetables this past weekend (with my father’s help – he’s a fabulous gardener!), I’m enjoying the view of my backyard from the window next to my sewing machine! 

Now that the dreaded yardwork is done, for the most part anyway, I’m getting back to finishing up the instructions for a new design so I can get it to the printer this afternoon. I will be releasing two new designs next week on May 15th. I’ve sent all the info to the shops and just put them up on my website on my Coming Soon page. 

First up is Colorblocks. 
This design uses a similar palette to my Colorwaves design. I love working with this bright color scheme using all the colors of the rainbow. I used Watercolours, DMC Pearl Cotton, and an assortment of Rainbow Gallery threads to create 9 blocks which blend into each other. The block in the center of the design has all of the colors. It was such fun to create during the winter months when the weather was a bit gray. I feel like I could stitch it again to celebrate the summer months but alas, I must move on to something new…

I’ve created another Holiday Delights design – 4th of July. Although my first Holiday Delights was Independence Day, I wanted to do another patriotic piece in the same format as the Christmas, Halloween, and Easter designs. I especially enjoyed doing the flags on this piece and am looking forward to creating more Holiday Delights!

Last month, I taught at the EGA Great Lakes Region Seminar in Wisconsin. Although it was Spring, we had a bit of snow! I had a fabulous time, wonderful students, and even won a great opportunity basket of Vera Bradley bags. Next up in my teaching schedule is the EGA South Central Region Seminar in Dallas in June. It’s about time to start drawing canvases for my classes there! 

Until next time,