Last call for Sudoku Delight…

Today is the deadline for registering for my Sudoku Delight class. If you don’t know about it, read my previous post for more details and a photo of the stitched design. Registration numbers have been phenomenal – a lot of people like Sudoku! With the release of Colorwaves making a big splash, taking class registrations, and starting some new designs, I’ve been busy! 

I’ve also been preparing to leave next week for the South Central Region Seminar in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I’m teaching with my mother, which is always a fun time! Come say hello at Merchandise Night if you’re in the area – you can visit the Seminar and see the exhibit and shop at the Boutique, bookstore, and Merchandise Night even if you’re not attending Seminar or even a member of EGA. You can get more info and the seminar schedule at here. I’m looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting new people. Since I work from home, mostly alone, I always relish the opportunity to be among people, especially stitchers!!

When I was in Montgomery a couple of weeks ago, I went to The Needle Bug and verified all of my colorways for the Sudoku class. It’s so nice to have the full lines of thread at my fingertip – it’ what I miss most about my shop, besides the people. I was missing a couple of threads here and there and was able to find what I liked to update the colorway photos. Here are the finalized photos…I want to do something with Caramels and Paprika! I really like these two as I’ve not stitched with the overdyes in them. 


Paprika (I forgot to put the overdyed silk in this photo!)


I’ve finished stitching a couple of new designs and wish I could show you but alas, they are for release later this summer so you’ll have to wait to see them! 

Off to unpack boxes of threads to make more Colorwaves kits!! They’re so fun I may have to use them for another design!