Cranberry Star

It has been a busy fall. I finished up this year’s teaching in October, went to Shipshewana for my annual quilting retreat in November, and started a remodel of my master bathroom which also included replacing the flooring and painting the master bedroom. It has been quite disruptive to say the least but I know I will be thrilled with the end result and am hoping it might be done by Christmas. 

My brother is a contractor and is doing the work for me. He lives three hours away so he brings a helper and comes down for four or five days every other week and stays at my house while I go stay somewhere else! I’ve been living mostly out of my suitcase for about six weeks now. Staying away from home for big chunks of time has allowed me to get quite a bit of stitching done. I’m working on new designs to release at the Nashville market – I wish I could show you some but it’s a bit early for that! I’m most excited about the larger design I’m currently designing and stitching. It has been in my head for several years and it’s fun to see it coming to life on canvas.

Last summer I was asked to design a special piece for the South Central Region of EGA to teach online next year. This is Cranberry Star and registration for it is happening now (deadline of Dec 15th to sign up is quickly approaching). You must be a member of EGA to take this class but you can contact me to sign up for the class before joining EGA. If you’re already a member of EGA in a different region, you just need to join a chapter in SCR as a “plural”. Again, you can sign up for the class now and take care of the EGA membership issue before class starts next year. I have to order all the supplies next week!

You can see all the details here – Cranberry Star signup info
I put my piece in a Carol box from Sudberry – I liked this box so much after putting my Amethyst Garden in it, I decided to use it again. 

These were my original threads – Cranberry is the Watercolour.

 This is the Kelsch colorway 

Three other colorways are available – this is Prickly Pear 

 Stained Glass

Tiffany Rose 

Happy Holidays. Be sure to take some time to stitch for stress reduction! It’s working for me…