Color Delights…Old & New

I finally picked up my Spring Logs yesterday and decided on the border stitch and started stitching it – will show you a picture after I get a little more done. I don’t enjoy stitching borders because I find it boring but this is the perfect time for me to have some boring stitching as my brain is fried by the end of the day lately. I’m almost done with the closeout shop stuf and am completely moving out of the storage unit tomorrow.
Have you ever noticed most of my designs don’t have borders? Or, if they do, they’re a mix of stitches and colors! My dislike of doing the exact same thing over and over led to my style of “no borders” and I’m pretty happy about it…

I’ve received some awesome Color Delights photos lately – I love seeing what people do with these small simple quick to stitch pieces.

This is Trish’s interpretation of Graphite – She had the piece finished into this gorgeous pillow (I cropped it so you could see the stitching better). She actually stitched it four times and here’s what she wrote,

“I didn’t want “graphite” to end so i expanded it, repeating your “square” 3 more times. I love the color grey: so many nuances. After stitching your square, I gave the new squares different color themes of what I see in grey, trying to balance cool vs. warm tones, complimentary vs. contrasting fibers and colors/shades. There is the red square, silver square, teal square, etc. The biggest challenge was a border that that would compliment all the squares.”

She also told me her LNS owner was a great help to her!


This photo comes from DeAnn in LA and is her beautiful version of “Aqua”. Love her color changes and below is my original  – it looks completely different! This is one of my favorites as it was the first of the Color Delights – kindof like a first born child (which I was!).

The next three photos are from Shelly B. in Colorado – I met her while I was in Santa Fe – she was in a class with my good friend – small world! She did Turquoise, Rust, and Copper for a weaver friend and had them framed similarly – I can imagine they look stunning hung as a grouping.



And here are my latest two Color Delights – Peppermint and Ivory – I’m sure you can tell which is which! Peppermint will be fun to do in Dec – it’s somewhat holidayish!
I’m especially pleased with Ivory. I’d been wanting to do a very neutral piece for a long time and the texture created was great. It makes me want to do a larger piece in all whites and creams and beiges with a LOT of different thread types. The ideas don’t ever end…


Until next time…